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Desire Accounting Overview

Desire Accounting Associates enjoys the reputation of being one of the fastest growing accounting firms in Southwest Brisbane. We have earned this position by continuously offering innovation and leading-edge solutions to our clients since 2017.

- We offer tailored solutions for your needs
- We understand your business processes
- We look for long term business relationships
- Your business is important to us
- We believe in honest and expert advice
- We offer cost effective services
- We know how to face challenges
- We take responsibility
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DAA is passionate about helping small business operators offering a flexible range of bookkeeping and accounting services that can be tailored to the client’s needs. Our range of clients includes employee and Investors, sole traders, company, trust, and partnership who are utilising our services for end of year accounting and tax returns.

At Desire Accounting, we aim to help you with your financial business needs and meet your ATO compliance requirements at an affordable cost.

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After years of public practice accounting and working with small business operators, Pankaj Ghimire (Patrick) established Desire Accounting Associates in 2017.

Desire Accounting Associates aims is to look after the financial needs of small business operators and provide accounting services to ensure ATO compliance is completed to standard and on time. Operating from home office we have kept our operating expenses minimal and are able to offer affordable service fees.


We are committed to the success of our clients. We strive to forge strong relationships with all our clients and provide a service which adds value to their business today and well into the future. We hold strong core values that govern the way we do business every day.

• Integrity

• Objectivity

• Professional Competence and due care

• Confidentiality

• Professional behaviours

Our accounting firm is a firm that you can trust and afford. Our team look after the business needs of numbers of businesses across Australia. We place great value in the integrity of our people as we understand that the finances of your business are required to be handled confidentially and with the greatest amount of care. We understand the importance of reliability as we have become a fixture in the businesses of many of our clients who rely on us for vital information and processes to be completed.