Uber Accounting

As an Uber driver, you are working as a contractor not as an employee. So, Uber won’t withhold any taxes from the pay you receive. Drivers are entirely responsible for managing their own GST and income tax obligations. If you are an Uber driver you need to manage your tax affairs correctly or you could end up with an ATO tax debt in the thousands. If you are driving Uber as your second job, it’s important to save a good portion of your Uber earnings because your income tax bill will include any income you have made as an Uber driver. You will also be required to register for ABN/GST and lodge a business activity statement (BAS).
DAA can help you claim the range of tax deduction available as an Uber driver and help you to maximise your legitimate tax return. We will help you out to register for ABN/GST, help you to prepare your business activity statements and income tax returns. Our fees are affordable compared to other established tax firms around the city and we do offer our communication in Nepali and Hindi language as well.

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